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Calling all cookie lovers! Here are 15 delicious German cookie recipes that you need to try! Everything from traditional German Christmas cookies to those enjoyed all year round.

Photo collage of cookies with text overlay "German Cookie Recipes".

Germany is well known for its Christmas cookies. So it should come as no surprise that many of these cookie recipes are traditionally made at Christmas time. Beautiful Christmas trays or platters filled with German baking is part of the culture. Enjoy with a glass of Glühwein or Kinderpunsch!

However, there are no rules when it comes to cookies so feel free to enjoy all of these recipes at any time of year!

Ready to check out the cookies? Let’s start baking!

Kokosmakronen (German Coconut Macaroons)

Kokosmakronen (German Coconut Macaroons) on a piece of brown parchment paper set on a wire cooling rack.

Kokosmakronen (German Coconut Macaroons): These coconut macaroons are a light and airy coconut meringue cookie that are deliciously soft and chewy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. This is a classic German Christmas cookie recipe. Also delicious drizzled with some chocolate!

Vanillekipferl (Vanilla Almond Crescent Cookies)

Vanillekipferln (vanilla almond crescent cookies) dusted with powdered sugar and lined up on a square piece of parchment paper.

Vanillekipferl (Vanilla Almond Crescent Cookies): These crescent shaped cookies feature ground almonds, vanilla and a generous dusting of powdered sugar. They are delicate and buttery with a melt-in-your-mouth texture! Although they originate from Austria, Vanillekipferl are loved in Germany and a traditional Christmas cookie.

Pfeffernüsse (German Spice Cookies)

Pfeffernüsse on a wire cooling rack, some with glaze and some without.
Photo Credit: Sugar and Soul

Pfeffernüsse German Spice Cookies by Sugar and Soul: Pfeffernüsse translates to “pepper nut” although there are no nuts in this cookie. The “pepper” part refers to the bit of white pepper that is added to these cookies and the “nut” part refers to their shape. These glazed spiced cookies are very popular during the holidays.

Nussecken (German Nut Corners)

Nussecken (German Nut Corners) on a white background.
Photo Credit: Mrs Jones’s Kitchen

Nussecken (German Nut Corners) by Mrs Jones’s Kitchen: Triangles consisting of a buttery shortbread base, a layer of apricot jam and a caramelized hazelnut topping. Two or sometimes all three of the corners are then dipped into melted chocolate. Yum!

Spritzgebäck (German Spritz Cookies)

Plate of German Spritz Cookies.
Photo Credit: Recipes From Europe

Spritzgebäck (German Spritz Cookies) by Recipes From Europe: Spritzgebäck are classic German cookies made from simple ingredients. They can be formed into a variety of shapes.

Zimtsterne (German Cinnamon Stars)

Zimtsterne (German Cinnamon Stars) displayed on a white background.
Photo Credit: Mrs. Jones’s Kitchen

Zimtsterne (German Cinnamon Stars) by Mrs Jones’s Kitchen: These traditional German Christmas cookies feature ground almonds, egg whites and cinnamon. They have a slightly chewy center, crunchy edges and are topped with a meringue icing.

Lebkuchen (German Gingerbread)

Photo collage showing two different types of Lebkuchen (German Gingerbread Cookies).
Photo Credit: Alpine Ella (left), Plated Cravings (right)

Lebkuchen is a traditional German gingerbread cookie that comes in many variations. Here are two great recipes to try:

  • Chocolate Lebkuchen by Alpine Ella: These delicious chocolate gingerbread cookies are brushed with a brandy glaze.
  • Elisen Lebkuchen by Plated Cravings: This traditional Lebkuchen recipe is from Nuremberg and contains no flour. Loaded with nuts, candied fruit and flavorful spices!

Mandelhörnchen (Almond Horns)

Mandelhornchen (Almond Horns) on a white plate.
Photo Credit: xoxoBella

Mandelhörnchen (Almond Horns) by xoxoBella: Great for almond lovers! These chewy almond cookies are covered in sliced almonds and the ends are dipped in chocolate.

Spitzbuben (Jam Cookies)

Variety of Spitzbuben cookies on a Christmas platter.
Photo Credit: My Dinner

Spitzbuben (Jam Cookies) by My Dinner: This delicious sandwich cookie features buttery hazelnut shortbread and a jam filling. A classic German Christmas cookie!

Ingwerplätchen (German Ginger Cookies)

Variety of Ingwerplatchen (German Ginger Cookies) on a cooling rack.
Photo Credit: Caroline’s Cooking

Ingwerplätchen (German Ginger Cookies) by Caroline’s Cooking: This German cookie recipe is different from gingerbread or lebkuchen. It’s more of a ginger-flavored sugar cookie. Use your favorite cookie cutters to make any shape you like.

Bethmännchen (Marzipan Cookies)

Bethmannchen (German Marzipan Cookies) on a white plate.
Photo Credit: Veggie Desserts

Bethmännchen Marzipan Cookies by Veggie Desserts: This traditional German Christmas cookie originates from the city of Frankfurt. These marzipan cookies are firm on the outside, chewy on the inside and studded with three crunchy almonds.

Hausfreunde Cookies

Closeup of a Hausfreunde German cookie with caramelised cashews on top.
Photo Credit: Lavender & Macarons

Hausfreunde Cookies by Lavender & Macarons: These cookies consist of layers of shortcrust pastry covered with apricot jam and almond paste, dipped in dark chocolate and garnished with caramelized cashews.

Heidesand (Brown Butter Shortbread Cookies)

Stack of Heidesand (German browned butter shortbread cookies).
Photo Credit: The Toasty Kitchen

Heidesand by The Toasty Kitchen: Heidesand are German shortbread cookies made with browned butter. These slice and bake cookies are easy to make with a few simple ingredients.

Haselnusstaschen (Hazelnut Meringue Filled Cookies)

Pile of Haselnusstaschen (German Hazelnut Meringue Cookies) in a black dish.
Photo Credit: Cinnamon & Coriander

Haselnusstaschen (Hazelnut Meringue Cookies) by Cinnamon & Coriander: These elegant German cookies feature hazelnut shortbread filled with hazelnut meringue and chocolate chips.

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