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Make back-to-school lunches easier and more eco-friendly with some amazing lunch containers and gear. Check out all the fun, functional and reusable lunch boxes and accessories for kids below!

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Summer always seems to fly by in a blink of an eye. With the end of summer comes back-to-school time. And with kids going back to school comes the dreaded task of packing lunches! Having some great lunch gear makes packing those school lunches much easier!

School Lunch Must Haves

My must-have items for packing school lunches include: a bento-style lunch box, thermos, reusable water bottle, snack bags or containers, reusable cutlery, ice packs and a few other fun accessories. This way I am covered for both cold and hot lunch options!

Check out my top picks below for each of these categories.

Bento Lunch Box

I LOVE a good bento-style lunch box. Just one container is needed to pack a full lunch which makes it easy to pack, store and open. It’s also more visually appealing too! There are tons of options out there suitable for different ages and appetites. Here are a few of my recommendations.


Let’s start with the lunch box that I have used the most over the years for my kids. PlanetBox comes in 3 different sizes and is made from stainless steel.

There is no denying that this lunch box is on the pricier side but it is super durable. My boys have had the Rover version for over 6 years and they still look amazing. A few years ago, they moved up to the larger Launch version to feed their growing boy appetites. These lunch boxes last! Also easy to clean and have a variety of magnets to choose from to make them fun!

Find it on:


The OmieBox is a super cute option for younger kids that comes in a variety of colors. It features a removable thermos insert which lets you easily pack both hot and cold food in one box.

Find it on:

Bentgo Stainless Steel Lunch Box

The Bentgo Kids Stainless Steel Lunch Box features a leak-resistant silicone lined lid that contours to seal each compartment. Comes in a few different colors.

Find it on:


The Yumbox is light and easy to open. They come in a variety of fun colors, designs and sizes. The original version is great for toddlers and preschoolers or kindergarten. I used them for daycare/pre-school and outings to the park and beach for my kids. The Panino version is larger and best for school-age kids.

Find it on:


These are another stainless steel option that come in a wide variety of sizes and compartment configurations. They are durable and easy to clean but the lid can be a little tricky for really young children. The LunchBots Trio is perfect for packing the sides and snacks into when packing the main separately (like in a thermos or a separate sandwich bag). The LunchBots Cinco is a larger 5-section container that can hold an entire lunch.

Find them on Amazon:

Other Lunch Gear & Accessories


A thermos is a must-have item for packing hot food options like soups, stews, pasta and various leftovers. The Thermos FUNtainer is a great option. It comes in a variety of colors and fun designs.

Find it on:

Reusable Water Bottle

Have to keep those kids hydrated! There are so many options available. Your preferred style will depend on the child and their age: straw bottles, pop up spouts, screw on tops, etc. Take a browse through the reusable water bottles on Amazon and to find the perfect one.

I really like the S’well stainless steel bottles since they are really good quality and keep the water cold all day. The S’ip by S’well water bottles are a great option for kids. They come in so many cute designs too!

Find it on:

Reusable Snack + Sandwich Bags

These are a fantastic way to pack up all the extra bits when sending a thermos lunch and also great for packing up extra snacks that might be needed during the day or on the way to after school activities.

There are lots of options ranging from silicone to cute lined fabric bags. Here are a few that are great:

  • Stasher Sandwich Bags: These are fantastic quality! Made from platinum food-grade silicone and feature a pinch press seal making the bag airtight and leakproof. They come in lots of different colors too! Buy them on Amazon or
  • Stasher Snack Bags: This is just a smaller version perfect for snacks. Buy them on Amazon or
  • Fabric Sandwich/Snack Bags: These come in super cute designs and are lined with easy-wipe, water-proof fabric. I like the Bumkins Sandwich Bags and Bumkins Snack Bags with their easy zipper enclosure on top. also carries lots of cute options.

Snack Containers

Small snack containers are always a must have item! Two of my favorites are:

  • U-Konserve Stainless Steel Trio: Three containers of different sizes that nest perfectly inside one another to save on storage space. Find them on Amazon and
  • Sistema KLIP IT: These feature easy-locking clips and are the perfect size for snacks. Find them on Amazon.

Reusable Cutlery

Sometimes I pack pasta or leftovers that require some cutlery. I’ve tried some of the cute sets in the past but the humangear GoBites Uno is our absolute favorite. It’s basically the ultimate spork with a deep spoon on one end and a fork on the other. They are fantastic!

Dip Containers

These mini containers are great for dips, salad dressing and condiments. Two great options are:

Ice Packs

Slim ice packs are a must for lunch bags. They fit easily and keep the food cold. Here are two great options:

  • Bentgo Buddies: If you are looking for something fun then these reusable ice packs are great. They come in a variety of cute shapes including unicorns, sharks and dinosaurs. Find them on Amazon and
  • Fit + Fresh Slim Ice Packs: Slim, compact and comes in a set of 4. Buy them on Amazon.

Silicone Baking Cups

I realize that this one sounds a bit strange but silicone baking cups are a great way to further divide out your bento lunch box or to separate food in a non-sectioned container.

Cute Food Picks

Ok, so this last one is totally unnecessary! However, cute food picks are a super easy way to make lunch more fun for kids.

Lunch Ideas For Kids

So now you have the lunch box and the gear but what should you fill them up with? Keep it simple and check out these posts for inspiration.

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